What is the diference between a Roster Group and Multi-User Chat Rooms

I’am new to XMPP protocol and I’am working on a chat application in android using smack library. I’am stuck in creating group chat. I want to create a group, add members to it and send message to all members of a group (like whatsApp group). When searching about group chat i got two things

  1. Group : creating group using createGroup(String name) method present in Roster class.
  2. Multi User chat : creating a Multi-user chat using MultiUserChatManager .
    I’am getting confused regarding what is Group and what is Multi-User chat? Can anyone explain the basic difference between them and which one should i use and also how to send message to everyone in group ?Smack Dev

The first is a group in your roster, e.g. “Friends”, “Collegues”, etc… It’s merely a group for your contacts, mostly for visual purposes in an IM client.

The second is a chat room. This is what you want. You create a chat room and invite/add members.

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