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What is the point for this project?

After successfully integrated the Asterisk and willdfire by asterisk-im plugin, suddenly, I feel that it dose not make any point.

This only enable the Wildfire user make use the asterisk to make IP call to other wildfire user, both of them are mapped to Asterisk devices.

This dose not provide any Presence information for Asterisk device(the presence feature for Asterisk device is implemented by the hint priority in extensions.conf), which I have expected(even provide send IM messages feature for Asterisk device).

I guess I only know a small part of asterisk-im can do

Who can tell me what is the point for asterisk-im project.

I have used it to show the on the phone status, show notification on spark on incoming calls, and to place calls. The biggest use is the on the phone status so others can see your status. Sure nicer than changing it everytime you are on the phone.

Which IM client did you used along Asterisk-IM plugin ?

Did you try Spark 2.5.0b4 which brings VoIP client to client ?

This one could help to use Spark as a softphone and call anyone as your PC is connected to your IM server.

I’'ve not tried this yet but it seems to me it could be done.

What do you think ?


I use Spark 2.0.8.

I have tried 2.5.0b4 however it does not allow you to use it as a sip client. That is a locked feature of Jive Software’'s enterprise openfire.