What is this error?

Attached is a pair of error messages that I regularly seeing in the logs for my 3.5.1 OpenFire system. We occassionally get packet storms in the server and we then see lots of these messages in the log. Can anyone tell me what this means and how to stop it? We run on a Windows 2003 server, using SQL Server 2005 for the database, and ADAM for the LDAP. The system runs great except for this.
OF351-errors.txt (6948 Bytes)

I can only tell, that the first error is about user ‘serveralert’ is not found. Don’t know if this user ever existed or maybe some plugin is searching for it.

We do authentication via ADAM to multiple Active Directory domains. None of them have a user id of serveralert. The only place that I could find a reference to serveralert was within Spark and having to do with receiving a broadcast alert from the server. Couldn’t see how that would translate into a user lookup against user serveralert.

Jerry Zeiszler