What PubSub Version does Wildfire support?Jep versioning problems!

Dear Sirs,

lately i am implementing pubsub support for a client.

I noticed that Wildfire doesn’'t conform to the latest version of jep-0060!

So, i would like to ask toy what version does wildfire support and when and if the latest version will be supported.

Also I have this big problem on how to handle the various versions of pubSub as when i log in to different jabber servers each one will have support for a different version.How can one handle this situation? On one hand it is too difficult to implement all of the different versions and on the other hand i cannot find out the version each server has implemented as there is not such a functionallity in the jabber protocols (quering the version implemented for a jep).

This is very disappointing!

Can you please help me give me a hint on these aspects?

I believe that Wildfire is still on version 1.8 of JEP-60, and I haven’'t heard of anything towards the latest 1.9.

I agree that it would be helpful if Wildfire’'s pubsub component supports jabber:iq:version especially when JEP-60 is still in draft standard.

We tracked most of the 1.9 changes, I believe, although are probably a little bit behind. What areas of the spec did you find that we’'re not implementing according to the JEP?



First of all thanks for your reply!

One area that din’'t conformede fully with the jep is that of event notifications.

Althought for an event with persistent items containing payload i was expecting an items tag with item tags inside i get an item tag wiith item!!! tags inside …

Also when i query the affiliations wilfire gives me the subscriptions too!

I am using wildfire version 3.0.1.