What should I implement to add the ability to check information about the sender?

Hi all,

You’ve been great so far in helping… Which has steered me here.

The end result I’m after is for a user (let’s call them the A-Party) needs to be able to find out a little more about the other party (let’s call them the B-Party in their chat session. For example, the A-Party chat window should turn green if they are talking to a B party from Europe (based on connecting IP) or blue if the B-Party is from America.

My guess is tthat I need to be looking at making an openfire plugin (interceptor pattern?) , and a custom chat client (maybe use the Smack library) right?

Your advice on what aspects of Openfire to investigate first will save me many days or weeks please!

Many thanks

Is there nobody that could offer a little advice please?