What stanza should I use to get information from the client?


I’'m planning to integrate a video transmission tool (for Linux) with Jabber enabling clients to discover who is connected. I was wondering about what code library to use. However, in a near future, I want to deal with NAT issues using the STUN protocol. So, I would like to get and store information(NAT mappings) about each client.

Then, if user A wants to connect to user B, A informs it to the Wildfire Server. Server then tells A the correct addresses and ports of B (and possibly do other nasty stuff to accomplish his desire!).

I read a lot today, but I didn’'t find how to exchange data between client and server. Can I create tags inside the IQ stanza? What code library is better for this purpose? I use to program in C, C++.


if you want to write a Wildfire Plugin then you probably want to use Java. One may need to extend the xmpp protocol. It sounds similar to file transfer JEP-0096, you also need the client IP address for p2p-video or may want to use a proxy within Wildfire. So you want to store the IP and port within Wildfire, probably also the available bandwidth and resolution etc.


Thank you, LG.

I will create an extension for XMPP soon but, first of all, I need to implement presence discovery in my tool. Any of you have sugestions about a simple client without GUI? Should I write my own client?

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I’‘m not sure what you want to do. There is already a Presence Plugin available, it’'s source code is included in wildfire.src.zip.

Looking at the source code of the existing plugins should help you a lot to write a new one.