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What the heck?

I just went through installing Openfire 3.6.3 and configuring the system with AD and all of my settings. Everything looked good so far. I stopped Openfire and restarted it just to be sure all of my configuration changes were working and when I went to log in with one of the accounts that I added as an administrator it failed. So I logged in with admin/admin and all of my settings can configurations were gone. I go into the Server Settings to start over and all of the options are greyed out. What the heck happened???

This can happen if there are 2 instances of the server running. Or if you have a corrupt install where the openfire.xml file has improper permissions or some other such issue. Make sure you are only running one copy of the server, and if that is not the case uninstall and reinstall. If you are not using an external db I would make that switch as well.

I’m not sure what happened, I used the Stop button and all. I did it a second time and everything was just fine. Seems to be working better now with the exception of the vcard plugin not showing up.

The stop and restart the first time were too fast and the services did not finish before the startup kicked off. The vcard plugin is no longer valid and cannot be used. Openfire now has native support for vCards with LDAP. You missed the checkbox during the setup if it is not working. To enable this feature after the fact set/create the system property ldap.override.avatar to true.

That took care of the Avatar issue nicely. Everything appears to be working well now. Thanks!