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When can wildfire supply JEP-0172: User Nickname?

it was inquired that my topic is question.sometimes we think get user nickname is more useful,now vcard have same function but it is more unnecessary information to fetch user.example for vcard included user avatar and user address etc.it is enormous and of no use to some user.maybe we only necessary a user nickname.


The way i see it, JEP-172 is something that the client sending a message or subscribing to presence needs to add to its message/subscription request. That way, it can freely choose its own nickname (regardless of whether or not it uses the vCard).

However, what Wildfire can[/i] do is use the information provided by the client when it automatically adds a contact upon receiving a subscription request from it. I have a patch for Wildfire that does exactly this (i wrote it for client testing purposes). This should make registration with gateways a lot smoother (provided that these gateways give out this nickname information), even without the client supporting JEP-172.


whether your patch is a sole gateware program it isn’'t a plugin in WF?

I only started using Wildfire a week ago, so i took the easy way out. If it’‘s possible with a plugin, i’‘ll try to do it soon. It’'s probably pretty easy as well.

In the meantime, the developers have fixed a ‘‘bug’’ in Wildfire, making it now possible for nickname supporting clients to automatically use the right nickname when authorizing a subscription from nickname supporting contacts.

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where do you see about Authorizing subscription for nickname?current WF seem not supply directly get user oneself nickname.


I’'m not sure i understand the question, but this is the (optimal) use case:

  • User A wants to add User B to his contact list. Client A sends a subscription request, and adds when choosing the name of the contact. However, now that Wildfire doesn’'t add the contact automatically, the client can pick whatever nick it wants when adding the contact.

In this use case, notice that Client A still has to do nickname resolving (using e.g. VCards) himself when adding the contact to his roster initially.

What an extension of Wildfire could do is add present. However, i feel this shouldn’‘t be in the core, since you are modifying the original packets, and i’‘m not sure the other user would like that. When i have time in a few weeks, i’‘m planning on looking into the Wildfire plugin system, because there’'s some other stuff i would like to do which is related to this.

I hope this clears things up ? Or was that not the question ?

Well, i looked into it tonight, and i’‘m halfway through implementing nicknames and the other feature i wanted in the plugin. I just need to make stuff a bit more performant, polish it a bit. I’‘ll post here when it’'s finished


we’'re maybe some misapprehensive i only want to know whether have a way get myselft nickname.when i login to WF i can get my nickname.sometimes Vcard may finish this function but it have more other infomation .

Oh, you want to know your own nickname when you log in, but you don’'t want to query the vCard because it contains a lot of other data ?

Well, JEP-0172 does not provide this. What you probably want is JEP-0164, which can filter data from a vCard when requesting it. Or, even better, when Wildfire will have PEP, you can just subscribe to your own nickname node, and you will automatically get the last nickname you used when you log in.

Hey remko:

thanks for you nice answer,JEP-0164 is me demanded.but WildFire seem not supply JEP-0164.

That is correct, but it is very easy to implement. Looking at the code, i would say it’'s probably a matter of minutes

That is correct, but it is very easy to implement.

Looking at the code, i would say it’'s probably a

matter of minutes

And it indeed was. Here’'s a (not heavily tested) patch: http://el-tramo.be/files/wildfire/jep164.diff

Hey Remko,

Thanks for the contribution. I created JM-684 and included the fix so it will be available in the next nightly build.


– Gato

this is a good info about jep-0164,it is effective with us.thanks again everyone help .

Remko ,you are a vigorous guy