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When I make a call, the spark disconnects

I’‘ve installed the *@home and wildfire on the same CentOS (linux) machine. I have istalled spark client and eyebeam sophtphone in two PC’'s. Spark and Eyebeam are working perfect separetelly. But when I try to make a call within spark, spark disconnects on both client machines with an error. Another problem that I see, is that on the PC when I generate a call, on the eyebeam softphone shows up “incoming call” from the phone number of the same machine. For example when I call from the phone 500 to the phone 502, on the pc where is installed the phone number 500 shows: Incoming call on 1: 500@“ip of asterisk”. This message must be shown at the called phone, not in the calling phone.

Coul you help??

When you dial with spark it will first ring your own phone, this is correct. Once you have answered your phone it will then dial the other persons extension.

Also there are some strange issues when using Asterisk-IM with asterisk 1.2, I am not sure which version Asterisk@home is built on. Until I am able to resolve all the issues with asterisk 1.2 I recommend running asterisk-im against 1.1.

I use asterisk-im with the following:

Red Linux 9.0 running asterisk 1.1.

Mac OS X with eyebeam softphone and Spark-IM client.

This combination works for me without many issues.

Also when you say spark disconnects? Do you mean Spark disconnects from Wildfire??

Dear Andrew,

First of all I want to thank you for your reply. I’'m trying to call my partner from my chat window by pressing the buton “Call”. I have the same problem of disconnecting of spark from Wildfire if i dial my friend from Action->Dial Number.

Wildfire Warn log shows:

Could not route the packet

Does this information help, Andrew?

Please tell me what other info you may need from me.

Best regards


I have the a similar issue, When I dial with a seperate softphone I can dial all the extentions to my hearts desire, but when I use the inbult phone in Spark, Asterisk spits out ==> 14:48:20 NOTICE[7605]: channel.c:1886 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to request channel SIP/100

but I guess this could be because im using Asterisk 1.2

im using,

Asterisk 1.2

wildfire 2.5.0

built on Open SuSE

Thanks again for the great software though



EDIT: oh and yes, it disconnects and says it has been disconnected due to an error then prompts would you like to log back in.

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i had the same problem too. The Spark will be disconnected when i made a call to the other user. the log stated there the “could not route packets” and “ManagerFactory has not been initialized!”. Any ideas Guyz!?

Same problem with the disconnect from Wildfire with Spark and Coccinella under Linux with Asterisk 1.2.5 and Wildfire 2.5.1. So it seems not to be only a Spark issue but something with wildfire or asterisk-im.

This should also be resolved in 1.1. If you want to try the beta of 1.1 checkout the wildfire source and download the beta from the Asterisk-IM 1.1 beta thread.