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When the new version openfire server is expected?

When the new version openfire server is expected, i use v3.6.4

Hi InvetoRs,

Good question.

I would like to know too what are the new implementation.



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I suppose the next release of Openfire (3.6.5) will come soon, 75 of 82 issues are already resolved (see http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/OF/fixforversion/10854). So only 7 issues should be fixed before the new version will be released. But as far as I know there is no fix date for the new release.

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Hi Guenther,

I see the link, but there is only fixes there.

Do you know if there is new features or only fixes?


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If you go to JIRA (http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/) and navigate to FIND ISSUES, you can define a filter to see the new features and improvements which are already in the subversion version and which should be included in the new release (see also attachment).


Kind time of days when already there will be a new version with correction of errors? I look problems in the list already have ended

At the moment all issues for the next beta release are fixed but we have problems with our CI system which is used to build the new release. So we have to wait until this is fixed.

any news on that?

Is there an update on this? I’m really looking forward to the Empathy client fix.


Hopefully a matter of weeks and not a month. If you can handle an RPM install, here is a beta that contains the fix:



Something new? Especially the license change is interesting.

Nothing new, CI problems still not solved as far as i know. 3.7.0 will have Apache license.

Is there a way to reproduce the CI problems at home? Maybe the community could help with that. I’m sure there are many people here quite familiar with CI systems.

CI stands for continual integration system. I don’t know all the details and haven’t used such system before. Jive is trying to setup one to give software maintaining and releasing to the community. There were some problems with linux and other builds. But as i understand Jive (actually one man doing it when he’s not working his primary work i think) is trying to setup a completely new server for us. So, it will take another “some time” and nobody can answer how long exactly.

Am i right that CI server is the only one that prevents new version to be released?

then it would be great to have fresh beta snapshots available, so we can test it, reports bugs and that will help you to make upcoming release better?

I think you always can checkout the current source from the rep. But this doesn’t work for production environments.


Well, it is easy to build your own “beta” if you are used to this There was a testing 3.7.0 beta build for internal testing, though i didnt have time to test it, but i test SVN versions often. And changes are being made quite often (latest was yesterday), so that 3.7.0 beta build is a bit old. Maybe later today i will upload it somewhere and give you a link.

This is what is going on. Up until now, Openfire (as all other IgniteRealtime projects) have been using the infrastructure shared with other products of Jive software. This infrastructure has been changed to accommodate Jive’s projects better. Sadly, this makes the infrastructure incompatible with IgniteRealtime projects.

Jive is kindly sponsoring new, dedicated hardware for IgniteRealtime projects. This hardware is currently being installed with the framework mentioned above. Additionally, key IgniteRealtime community members will be allowed access to these systems, allowing us to do most of the administration of those systems ourselves in the future. Currently, we’re depending on Jive employees for this.

As soon as the new infrastructure is complete, we will be able to push out the next release of Openfire.

Can’t see how can they call this forums software (SBS) an award winning, when it such full of bugs… Can’t attach a 7MB file, though it should let 20. Ok, will use other way.

As i promised, i’ve uploaded last (and the only one?) beta build, but this is not the latest code. It gives me lots of errors while launching, but seems to be working Test it and try it if you like.

Openfire 3.7.0 Beta