When to check roster length?

Hey guys…

I am very new to xiff but I think I have my head around it. Thanks to all the developers that have supported this project… very cool.

I have been trying to figure out the best time to check the roster length…

There are “bad” ways to get the proper length :

– setTimeout and check after a couple seconds after login

– set some interval to check for changes and fire an event

But isnt there a better way? I have dug through the xiff Roster class and there are no events fired when the roster length changes… or when the roster has received data. This seems weird.


i’'m having the same problem. does anybody out there have any solutions, or know of somewhere/someone i can contact to fix this, man?

never mind… sorted it out. you just need a slight delay after login and roster length is correct.

I added an extra event that fires when the roster is completely loaded. that revealed to be quite useful.

yeah that is what I ended up doing… after a couple days of exploring xiff in general i started to get comfortable enough to tweak it…