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When we close chat window

When we close chat window in Spark other people who was talking with us receve a notification. Can I block that information?

I dont want other people know when I close the chat window.


If you mean the text “user is doing something else” appearing above the input field when someone closes a window or opends other application (so Spark loses its focus), then you can’t turn it off. Other thatn that i’m not aware about other notifications about user’s activity.

The text is something like “the user abandoned the conversation”… I just want to block that information, I dont want the other user know I close my window.


Do you mean the group chat? I don’t remember seeing this exactly text. Can you make a screenshot? Also, are you using the official 2.6.3 version? I’m on the latest SVN version of 2.7.0, so it may be different. Anyway, there is no option to disable such notifications, unless you modify the source code and build your own version of Spark.