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When will Spark 2.5 be available for skinning?

When will Spark 2.5 be available for skinning?

I asked this question a week or so again and followed up with a Jive Represenative Tuesday and got this response from Kelly Perkel on 4/10/2007:

“It’s a new update daily J So, here’s the latest from our end in regards to Spark Skinning: we are planning on making skinning available for the 2.5 release. However, it will not be available for 2 months. I don’t have a lot of information on what the process will be like after the program ends – we’re still working that out internally.”


Kelly’‘s statement about it not being available immediately is accurate, however I want to comment on the “program ends” statement–we have not made plans to end the skinning service. We are only researching our options as we need to create a more time and cost effective means to maintain this service while improving it’'s reliability.

Kevin, thanks for replying.

Chris, Iota, I just posted a blog entry about the Spark Skinning updates which will hopefully eliminate any confusion about the service.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




This may be a daft question…

Is skinning provided as part of Enterprise or is there an additional charge? I thought it was only available as a stand-alone option!



Hi Ian,

Spark Skinning is provided as a part of Enterprise. It used to be available as a stand-alone option, but not is only available in Enterprise.