Where and when should Daniel stop (and start over again)? :)

IM Gateway currently support AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, and IRC.

Daniel has planned to include SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP gateway.

I think that it would benefit more to the IM Gateway if IM Gateway supporting protocols stop at these protocols (as they all are widely used IM protocol) otherwise it will be too big to put IM Gateway under plugin category and a lot of the sys admin won’'t like unnessary feature as it might get in the way. One can always see that kind of mentality by a phrase like ‘‘the feature is good but please don’‘t build into the server or make it disable by default’’

I will be supporting Daniel to start a separate IM Gateway after this one for other protocols. I would like to have QQ (mainly used in China and South Africa) in that. I think admins from China will like it but the rest who don’'t need it can skip it.

Additional protocols supported by Adium (mostly via libgaim) are Lotus Sametime, Zephyr, Gadu-Gadu, and Novell GroupWise. Of course, adding them to the main plugin wouldn’'t make sense. Some folks might want xfire, too.

btw, I’'m all for for getting the current ones as feature-rich as possible (that includes file transfers and video chats) before adding more fluff.

I am not against the features but first, I want the IM Gateway to be very robust to be able to support “4200 concurrent connections with a userbase of ~12,000”

I think the current supported protocols should be stablelised and bugs should have priority for getting a release. After this there could be extra plugins for new protocols.

grin Well, for what it’‘s worth, I have no intention of adding anymore protocols for 1.0 and in fact I don’'t intend to add XMPP or SIP support for 1.0. =)

I also have a future requirement that any protocol I may add in the future must have a rock solid library to work with. SIP seems to have one and XMPP has Smack. The “big 5” I have right now are just that, the big 5, and I wasn’‘t going to balk on any of them. It’'s just too bad that none of them have absolute rock solid libraries yet. =)

jadestorm wrote:

SIP seems to have one

Out of curiosity, which SIP library are you referring to? I’'ve been working with http://www.mjsip.org/ which seems to work pretty well but is a bit lacking in the documentation dept.

yup ‘‘Rock Solid!!!’’


Yeah, looks like that’‘s the library I was looking at! =) As long as there’'s an example or open source code or something I should be able to figure it out. =)

I’'m by no means an expert but if you need some code samples using mjsip let me know.

ryang wrote:

I’'m by no means an expert but if you need some code samples using mjsip let me know.

grin will do =)

I have spent the past few months developing a Sip phone using MJSIP and now that I am real close to finishing… I would like to use this in a small commercial enviroment. I have repeatedly emailed asking about the licensing…but, I get no response Am I reading mjsip.org right …the source is only GPL for personal use??? I read a lot of conflicting info on the website and in their source???

The GPL is not for personal use!

What I meant to write was the website indicates a dual license …but in look at all of the MJSIP source it only indicates GPL…??? Still no response from info@mjsip.org or pointercom.it

Well, the front page on their web site doesn’'t mention dual-licensing, only the GPL.

Have you considered using GPL in that commercial environment? Maybe it fits into it anyways.

Well, it is there somewhere I believe it is in the documentation… or maybe from pointercom … but you are right!! GPL will fit into my development …just fine!!! THX for allowing me to think outloud )

Hi, this may be a little off topic but I happenned to look into MjSip for my application. However, I tried to reach the folks at mjsip (info@mjsip.org) for technical questions, I got no replies. That makes me wonder whether MjSip is still alive and being actively supported (or may be simply because I have to post my questions in italian to get an answer, etc.). I am wondering whether you guys had successfully reached the folks behind MjSip or, better, know about an active MjSip FAQ/forum that you could point me to? Thanks in advance.


I would like develop a Java SIP UA(Softphone).For which I have choosen ‘‘mjsip’’.

I got the source code from www.mjsip.org i.e Download MjSip v1.6 toolkit.

But I don’'t know which development environment to use for its development.

I tried to open with ‘‘eclipse’’ IDE but I couldn’'t.

Can anyone of you help me which development environment to use for msip.

where it is available & how to compile ,make it bug free and run through it.