Where can i get pay support?

I have an issue in production I posted earlier with no response. I think my issue is rare (but i have seen over the last two years others have had similar issues). Is there a pay support option? I can’t find anyone who is offering pay support. We need to solve this production issue and we used to be a paying customer with ignite realtime, but that does not seem to be an option anymore. please advise.

I’m afraid you probably won’t find a pay support here and i don’t know where to search. You were using Enterprise version, which was supported by Jive Software, but it is not available for a long time and Openfire is since open sourced and Jive is not involved in this anymore.

You can try downgrading to 3.6.4, though you say this didn’t start right after the upgrade to 3.7.0. Maybe worth a try.