Where do i can get "Connection Manager Module" source code?


Where do i can get “Connection Manager Module” source code?

I download the release from http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/connection_manager.jsp ,and run it from cmanager.bat .It '‘s show:Connection Manager 3.1.0 start ,but i can’‘t login by Spark.exe. why(I have change the Spark’'port to 52222)?

the manager.xml:

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you need an SVN client like Tortoise or a plugin for Eclipse to check it out:

svn co http://svn.jivesoftware.org/svn/repos/connectionmanager/trunk connectionmanager

It seems that you did not specify the required password property so I wonder if it will ever work.

Is “GHL-SUNQINGSONG” the name of your Wildfire server? The connection manager tries to connect to this server using port 5262.



it2000,First thanks again! I have downloaded the “Connection Manager Module” source code and run it well.I can login into the sysytem, send messages to others, but i can not register a account.[I can regisger a account when the WildFire is connected by Spark straight ].why?

I have another question needs your help! How to create “keystore” and “truststore” files?

hope your answer!

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wasn’'t there a forum rule to ask only one question per thread and if it is answered one should mark the question as solved?

Anyway, for “How to create “keystore” and “truststore” files?” read the existing documentation or / and search the Wildfire forum, there is no quick-guide to do this.

@“I can not register an account”: do you see errors in the CM or Wildfire? Try to enable the debug log. For me In-Band Registration works without problems.



Hi Skyboy,

I have deployed Connection manager on the same machine as Wildfire server. I can start CM and can see in Wildfire Active Connection Managers that CM is running with zero client connections. How can I connect to CM from my java code using Smack API?

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Ajay Singh

Hi Ajay,

please avoid duplicate posts, see “Connection Manager - Smack”. It’'s always a good idea to post a new thread if you have a question which can not be answered by the documentation or the forums search function.