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Where does (Wild|Open)fire save it''s configuration?


i tried to upgrade wildfire-3.2.4 to openfire-3.3.0 from .tar.gz files on a linux machine with the tutorial at http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/WildfireUpgradeGuide. openfire ran after upgrading, but without the properties of the old wildfire. i tried to import at least the user data via the plugin, but it failed, since openfire could not import the xml schema of the exported wildfire user data.

after this, i again came to the conclusion, that ‘‘never change a running system’’ is fairly right in some situations. when i stopped open- to start wildfire, i got a http 500 error code, after reloading the page a 404.

i tried removing, unpacking, reinstalling of wild- and openfire for a while now. nothing works and the problems got even fancier. so i don’‘t want help with any of this fancy errors, because it was a kind of testing system; the four users can register them again. but: it seems, wild- and openfire don’‘t save all their configuration into ‘‘their’’ directories (/opt/wildfire, /opt/openfire). well, where can i find the configuration and how can i delete it? i’'d like to have a system state like before the first wildfire installation. maybe, i can cleanly reinstall openfire, then.

thanks in advance.


Wildfire / Openfire stores the information which is needed for startup (LDAP and Database connections) in wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml / openfire/conf/openfire.xml.

Everything else is stored in the database (or LDAP for users, vCard, …), server settings are stored in the jiveProperty table.