Where in Openfire DB can I find the column for read/unread flag?

Hi, I am currently developing iOS/Android application.

I would like to know where in Openfire DB I can find any field/column for “read/unread” flag.

I have searched the entire Openfire DB but could not find out.

I have also read the following two posts but I want to neither install plugin nor upgrade because I have already added my own function to my application.

It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could tell me some options that requires no additional plugin installation!

(I am using Openfire ver.3.10 on CentOS 6.3)

How to Check if a Message is Unread? | Ignite Realtime

openfire - XMPP: count of unread messages - Stack Overflow

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I am sorry, I found replyflag in Database.


Hey buddy, can you share in which table did you find this ‘replyflag’.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hey can you please share in which table this flag is getting saved? i am also trying to find but cant. Thanks for help