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Where is the configuration?


i’m running a lokal openfire on Ubuntu 8.10 in a Sun VirtualBox and i do a few minutes ago a configuration desaster i think

I change the server name and now i can’t login as admin to change this back. Every account can login but didn’t see the other until i add the buddy and acept him.

How can i change the server name manually at any conf file, or where did openfire store this configurations?

How can i change the server name without losing any Buddy at the list ( i want to change it to a full dns name)?

How can i login as admin if i can’t change to the old server name to change it at the admin console?

reagerds for fast solutins,


oh wow - that’s easy …

i search for the configuration and find the file openfire.script.

At a entry i see the this 'INSERT INTO OFPROPERTY VALUES(‘xmpp.domain’,‘komm-srv.avista.local’)

so i add a new line with the old value and make a restart. After that everythings works fine jippie

but how can i change the servername to a full dns name without losing the buddys?