Where is the Content Filtering

Last year I set-up an OpenFire Messaging Server and have been using it with Spark; our users Love it. Recently, however, I have the need to install Content Filtering to block profane language. I found the “Content Filtering” plug-in and installed it through the OpenFire Admin console, but it is not working. I can’t even get it to show up in the OpenFire Admin Console. I checked the files and the content filter shows it is installed under “Openfire\plugins\contentfilter”, but I cannot access it anywhere.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Server > Server Settings > Content Filter

It does not appear in the menu list. I have restarted the server and even re-installed the plug-in. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

Warn: Log: 2016.07.16 03:26:04 org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.PluginManager - Ignoring plugin contentfilter: requires server version org.jivesoftware.util.Version@51cb36

Error Log: 2016.07.16 09:36:02 org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.PluginManager - C:\Openfire\plugins\contentfilter\changelog.html (Access is denied)

java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Openfire\plugins\contentfilter\changelog.html (Access is denied)

I changed permissions on the Plugin folder directly to grant security access to everyone. No change.

stdout log: Ignoring plugin contentfilter: requires server version org.jivesoftware.util.Version@1bab1a1

I am running server version: Openfire 3.10.2


UPDATE: Just noticed the Plug-in Min Openfire Version 4.0

Guess I am going to update.

Here’s the older version
contentfilter 1.7.0.jar (20227 Bytes)

Thanks. But I upgraded and got everything working. Thank You!