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Where should the i18n files be placed

I have downloaded the openfire rpm but this does not package the i18n files. If I wanted to add them, which files should be used, where should they be placed and is anything else needed to use them?

If I compile the package myself I end up with files in the source tree in Openfire-4.5.3/i18n/src/main/resources and Openfire-4.5.3/i18n/target/classes

The i18n files get processed, and end up in the file i18n.jar in the lib directory.

If you wish to make modifications, I’d suggest you change them in the source code, and recompile (mvn clean package) rather than change the compiled sources though.

Better yet: it would be awesome if you could contribute changes back! If you create a pull request at https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/ then your improvements would be beneficial to everyone - and you’d have the benefit of having them in future releases!

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Great. I’ve found them and the rpm already has them.

I asked because someone in ClearOS packaged the individual files under resources/i18n/ with their 4.2.3 rpm and I was not sure if I needed to include them somewhere.