Where to download wildfire 2.6.2 for windows,thanks a lot

i have installed a wildfire2.6.2 for lunix in my computer half yours ago , and now i want to change the platform to windows. But i can’'t find a wildfire2.6.2 for windows now .Can anoyone help me thanks a lot.

Hello Fisher, ni hou ma?

Click on http://www.jivesoftware.org/download-landing.jsp?file=builds/wildfire/wildfire_2 _6_2.exe.

The link is not available in the website anymore perhaps for a good reason. The latest version now is 3.0.1 and you can download it here. In fact version 3.1.0 is coming out at the end of the month.

May I ask, is there any specific reason why you want to use version 2.6.2?


there is absolutely no need to use the old version. If an update of the database is necessary Wildfire will take the duty to do it for you. The config file did not change as far as I know so you should really use the current version as a lot of things were fxed.