Where to find the User Creation Plugin

I’ve found references to this elusive plugin all over this site, but I haven’t been able to find the actual plugin. Can anyone direct me to it?

  • Paul

What user creation plugin are you referring to. What purpose is it to serve.


I’m not aware of a User Creation Plugin but there is the User Service plugin which allows you to add/edit/delete users via HTTP requests.

Hope that helps,


I’m trying to find the same plugin, the User Creation Plugin referenced by the thread “Load Testing BOSH in Openfire”. According to that article, the plugin will populate the server with users, rosters and vcards.

I’d like to load-test my Openfire installation using The Grinder, as also recommended by the same post, which will log into the accounts created by the plugin, and exchange messages, change status, etc.

Thanks for your help.