Where to get plugins for Openfire v3.5.2


i need the Client Control and Monitoring plugins for the previous Openfire release 3.5.2 but i am unable to find them.

The current Client Control plugin requires 3.6.0 and the Monitoring plugin also seems to throw errors, thats why i am looking for them.

Does someone know where to get the previous Versions of the plugins?

Upgrading to 3.6.0a is no option because of a major bug which prevents flash from connectiong.

Thanks & Regards Ota

Here are some:

Broadcast 1.7.0

Client Control 1.0.1

Content Filter 1.5.0

Gateway 1.2.3a

Monitoring 1.0.1
broadcast.jar (20167 Bytes)
clientControl.jar (102520 Bytes)
contentFilter.jar (17422 Bytes)
gateway.jar (1188765 Bytes)
monitoring.jar (1527551 Bytes)

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Here are some more:

MOTD 1.0.4

Presence 1.4.0

Registration 1.4.1

Search 1.4.2

Subscription 1.2.0
registration.jar (22598 Bytes)
search.jar (30662 Bytes)
subscription.jar (14544 Bytes)
presence.jar (17954 Bytes)
motd.jar (12192 Bytes)

Here is the last one I have:

Userservice 1.3.0
userservice.jar (14497 Bytes)

Thanks Todd, are those the pluginversions that where public prior the openfire update?

I am just asking because of the version jump of the monitoring plugin.

They are the ones running on my production 3.5.2 server and were up to date prior to 3.6.0 release of openfire.

Thank you!