Where to install and how to run on Linux?

I’‘m going to sound like a total idiot here, but how do you install Spark onto Linux (specifically, Ubuntu 6.06)? And from there, how do I run it? I can’‘t find any documentation anywhere specilically pertaining to linux (I can understand, though, Spark has only recently become available for it), so if you can either point me in the right direction or show me thedocs, I’'d be very thankful.

I’‘m somewhat new to linux, and although I like what I see, I’'m still not entirely used to it. Thanks again for your help.



it should be as simple as

tar -xzf spark_2_0_0_1.tar.gz

cd Spark


Anyhow I didn’'t test whether this works.



Your linux install instructions are correct.

I run Gentoo and Ubuntu machines in my lab, so I tend to (as root) unpack the tarball in /usr/local and set the permissions so that all users may run Spark. I also create a desktop launcher icon on my desktop for spark too. Of course, to install plugins, I have to login as root or run sudo ./spark .

You can also unpack the tarball to the desktop and click on “Spark” in the Spark directory one doesn’'t want to permanently place spark in /usr/local .

So that is almost correct. You actually have to run it once as root…, it sets up and unpacks a few items.

In later releases of Spark, there will be some different handling with how it fits with Linux.

One thing that I hope gets put through is how it stores the directory for the users settings.

Would you rather see an installer for Linux?

Or maybe even just a single jar file?

I would like to see an installer for Linux. I’'m currently getting used to Linux. Started using Ubuntu in the office and at home.