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Where to put Jar/Libs used in Custom Module?

Hi Everyone…

My basic requirement is to make a custom module in which i have to use Elasticsearch5.4.I have created Custom Module by implementing BasicModule and added all the required 50+ jars in openfire/build/lib/merge folder.

After adding all this jars i am not able to build openfire and execution goes in idle state.

P.S My openfire version is 4.1.4

Thanks in advance.

Extension of Openfire is supported through the Plugin API, as documented here: Openfire: Plugin Developer Guide . This guide also defines where you should store the various dependencies of the plugin.

By modifying the core code of Openfire directly, as you appear to have been doing, you might introduce unforeseen troubles.

create a new directory namely lib and put it under your root directory openfire will featch refrence from there while new build of your custom plugin