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Where''s the contact group listener?

Good morning to you all, I have a tiny question to ask you.

Where’'s the contact group listener?

There’‘re several contact entry listener, but I don’'t see any contact group listener.

When I try to add a contact group to the roster, nothing happened.

But this contact group shows when I run another instance of the program.

What’'s the prob here?

Any one has any idea?

Thank you, hope to see your reply soon.

help me please

There is no Contact Group listener as far as I’'m aware.

If you want to add a new Group to your Roster and then want that Group to be displayed in your Roster your going to have to perform some kind of logic within your application in order for your Roster to be updated with the new Group.

Hi Jon, thank you again.

Hi ,

did you manage to update your group list after adding a new group.