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Which flavors of Windows 2008, does Openfire support?

I am a newbie on the site and called myself looking for the answer, I see support for Windows 2008, just not sure what versions. In particular, Windows 2008 R2 64-bit. Running the openfile-service /install as local admin does not appear to install or give any warnings (event logs). I am not wondering if there is an issue with a local policy… Just odd and I am stumped. Thanks.

Bob J.

I just installed it on 2008 R2 today with SQL Express 2012. Seems to work fine.

Had to manually open ports on the firewall as needed.

Installed as service went fine - opened cmd and navigated to the bin folder and ran the commands. I did swap out the system account for a domain account in services though and changed it to delayed start to give the DB engine a chance to ramp up on server boot.

I think our Windows 2008 R2 image must be hardened. I tried to install the service, but nothing happens when using the local adm account or my domain admin account. Since everyone else says it works, I conclude the image is the issue and will test on an OEM image of W2K8. Thanks for the reply.