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Which library to use for intermediate server?

Hi folks,

i want to program a “Virtualassistant”.

To do so i want to create an intermediate server, which reacts for the client as a server and for the server as a client.

The intermediate server should be able to answer incoming chat messages.

So my question is, what library i have to use to realize this intermediate server?

Greetz Moses

Hi Moses,

you may want to use a plugin to intercept messages. Take a look at the Content Filter, Plugin Filter and Fastpath Service plugin.


Hi LG,

thanks for the quick answer, the problem is, i need to implement a Bot who starts chatting with the person who started the conversation(Person A).

The reason behind that, after the chat i have a value, is the value high enough Person A can start a conversation with Person B.

With the plugins i can not realize that right?

So i need to start from the scratch(creating a new plugin or a something else) or am i wrong?



these plugins may be good examples. It shouldn’t be to hard to embed your code (if it already exists) there. You may want to use another Openfire server for the A users as this makes it much more easy to monitor the state of all active connections.


Hi LG,

thanks i will try that.