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Which listener for MUC creation?

I want to be notified when a MUC room gets created… .is there a listener i can use for this ? if so which one ? if not is there an easy way of doing this ?



Are you looking for when the user you are logged in as creates a room? Or when a room gets created by anyone? If its the user you are logged in as, its fairly straight-forward but if its when anyone creates a room you’'ll need to create a custom solution.


It would be for when a specific user (which i control) creates a room.

Well, as long as you can see all the packets that this user receives just create a packet listener to listen for the MUC creation packet. You can get an example of what one looks like by opening up the smack debug console and creating a room. Each of these packets you capture contains the information for a newly created room.

Hope that helps,