Which projects for Flash-based audio- and video-conference?

Dear ignite realtime team,

I am currently searching for an open software solution to provide a web-browser Flash-based 1-to-1 XMPP audio and video conference solution looking like www.aol.com/av , www.faceflow.com or www.tinychat.com .

Ignite realtime provides a variety of projects and I am kind of overwelmed by the pure choice of OpenFire, SparkWeb and related projects like SparkWeb2, RedSpark, RedFire and Red5phone.

I would like to utilize high quality audio (with Flash 10.3 acoustic echo cancellation) and video (H.264) streaming and also enable connectivity to installable desktop and mobile clients via XMPP. Text chat, presence and 1-to-many is not required.

Can you recommend which projects I should look at in detail to create a web-browser Flash-based audio and video conference solution?

Thanx a lot