Which release of smack supports BOSH?

I am using smack API based connection application. sometimes 5222 port used for connectiing may not be open by customers. so there should be a better way of communicating through the firewall. It seemed BOSH supports this scenario.

My question is can I switch back and forth between XMPPConnection and BOSH connection ( when XMPPConnection fails due to 5222 port not open) using a smack API ?

Any implementation or inputs on this would be great !!.


Smack doesn’t currently support BOSH/HTTP Binding but there is open JIRA item for it, SMACK-187. So, your options are to roll your own solution or look into using one of the other libraries that are out there.

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Thanks Ryan.

Is there any sample implementation on BOSH/HTTP using emite. Is it possible to switch between xmppconnection and boshconnection.

I’m not familiar with Emit, you’d probably have better luck asking its developers or posting to their user form.

See this thread: http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/40768?tstart=174

Let me know if you need any help with it.