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Which server works best with Xiff and has many transports? and bandwith

Hi i played a lil bit arround with the former version of xiff just only in projecktor with public servers some respond very well(like the netlab.cz server) others doesent even respond… i also had some toublr to install the jabberd 1.42 server at this time…

iam realy interested in the experience some of u made which sevr words best which has the best options for add externel transports, i read the jive messenger has same problems with implementing msn transport …

and iam also interested how much traffic them use and if someone knows the % of cpu usage on the servers system when it had the most concurent users…

hope the questions wherent to stupid

Greetz Sascha

cool think that means none of the server is good thx

We would recommend Jive Messenger of course. We’‘ve tested the MSN transport ourselves and didn’'t have any problems making it work.



thanx i have actaully installed the Jive Messenger but until now no transports or gateways, must install phyton first and i read that twisted (must say i even dont know what that is) is needed…

anyway, thnx for ur help i will go on with jive messenger:)

may one more question, do u have any kind of experience about the traffic that the server will need (for maybe 100 concurrent users)