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Which webchat.war should use?

After building the fastpath-webchat plugin project, which is checked out from SVN is generating 2 webchat.war in two different location.

“War” files are generated in the following locations.

  1. /target/webchat.war [3.0 MB]

  2. /target/plugin/webchat.war** [3.1 MB]**

I also build the openfire project, checked out from SVN. Running fine from my localhost.

But when I tried deployed the webchat.war from first location, by putting this war into /target/openfire/plugins folder, It is not doing anything. webchat.war is not exploded at all.

But When I deployed the 2nd war in the openfires plugin folder, it exploded and accessible this plugin through openfire application. But when I tried to webclient chat window, it is throwing an error Class cast exception occured on web chat popup window.

Can anybody tell me, what is the difference between two war files? and which should I use?