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Whitch Plugin

which plugin is used to send files or photos to spark with other members of a chat … and I have to change something on the Openfire server to make sure to exchange documents

Spark 2.6.3 version of windows / MacOSX / Linux tried everything

Openfire 3.8.2 version Installed Ubuntu

I would make sure to install it in the office but without the ability to exchange documents I can not use it



You are installed on windows server the file sending to other client is clientControl plugin. to enable user to send files and photo’s. If you have useful.

D i v y e s h

Hi e thanks

You are installed on windows server sending the file to other client is clientControl plugin. to enable user to send files and photo’s. If you have useful.

The system is installed on a Ubuntu13.04 for the various tests I dibilitato the firewall on the client side windows7 windows xp and I installed spark but there is no file transfer …

I tried Pidgin when I try to send remains in Attessa … even if the second client I uitable accept the file …

I do not know what to do …

In Ubuntu server I have to install apache webserver you perhaps?



Just found this from your old thread. It seems we aren’t communicating properly and maybe I’m missing an important detail to your situation. A Fresh install of Spark 2.6.3 as downloaded from this site should already have File Transfer built in as a base feature of Spark. There is no plugin needed to send files to other Spark users from your computer. I cannot speak for any other XMPP Client program (including Pidgin) as I only use and work on Spark at the moment. Perhaps you are trying to send a file to a user with a client program that is not capable with File Transfer?

To do a File Transfer from 1 Spark user to another Spark user on the same XMPP server:

  1. Double click the user’s name from your roster list or open a new Chat.

  2. Click on the image icon in the top left of the window that is the picture of the hard drive with the green arrow pointing upwards on it

  3. Select the file to send

  4. Wait for other user to accept incoming File Transfer

  5. Wait for File Transfer to complete

I’ve attached a screenshot showing a normal Chat window. I drew a red box around the File Transfer button. I blacked out some of the spots that are non-standard as not-to-confuse anyone.

Hope this helps!

I figured out the problem I had put in contacts no

Newly added I could send the file … thanks to all … now go with voip see if it works …