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Whiteboard sample and also documentation of events

Hey anyone have any samples of the whiteboard features of xiff? Also having issues finding documentation of general events for the XIFF objects - where should I be looking?

If someone could give me the basic steps to be able to use the org.jivesoftware.xiff.data.whiteboard.Path class to draw a line series it would be awesome. New to XIFF 2 and trying to figure out the basic usage of the data packages. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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Hey David,

All the docs should be in the distro package - did you install them so they would show up in the Flash IDE help panel?

Regarding the whiteboard - that was a last-minute addition to the code that I didn’‘t write. Sean Treadway did that one (http://sean.treadway.info). AFAIK, the code is for transmission of the necessary information to recreate the geometry of a drawing on the other end. Meaning, the code doesn’'t do any drawing itself, just acts as a convenient way to transmit the data in a Message.

To use, you would do something like:

var myMessage = new Message( … );

var wb = new WhiteboardExtension();

// Add a path to the WhiteboardExtension payload in the message

var p = new Path();

p.addSegment( , to: } );

p.serialize( wb );

myMessage.addExtension( wb );

// Now send the message, trace to see the XML

myXMPPConnection.send( myMessage );

// On the other end, take the message, extract the paths from the whiteboard payload

This is an educated guess as to how it works - I haven’'t tried it myself. I know that it does work though, as its used at http://www.scenerum.org.

Also, all the paths and fills will be sent as SVG XML, from what I can tell.

Awesome I will give that a shot and let you know how it works.