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Whitepaper on Enterprise IM Archiving and Compliance

I earlier wrongly posted it under wildfire server support, I apologize. This forum appears more appropriate.

I am planning to do a whitepaper on Enterprise IM Archiving and Compliance since a while and am trying to gather an interesting set of points around archiving, compliance and archiving solutions which can make the whitepaper useful and meaningful.

What kind of topics/points do you think absolutely must be in such a whitepaper? Any suggestions on what to pick or what to leave out? (Or better still if you have any thoughts that you would like to share, you could mail them to me as well)

Vivek Garg

http://imwire.eventure.biz | imwire(at)eventure.biz

Hi Vivek,

may I also send you a bill along with an email? (;

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with such questions, and some users may like these non-technical questions in an “Open Source Community”. As one can create new documents the community may prefer to create a whitepaper here instead of sending emails to individuals. So you could create a new document in one of the forums and allow every one to contribute, but I guess there are little users which will contribute.


I understand your concerns; I just intend to make sure that whitepaper is useful and meaningful to the community users