Why can't my s2s users see each other's online status or chat?

Here are the quick facts:

  • I have two Openfire 3.6.3 installations on two seperate serversç
  • Each is operating under two different domain names.
  • The servers are connected to each other via s2s
  • If a user on server A adds a user on server B then all seems to work
  • auto-subscribe is enabled

The problem seems to come in when I try to add groups; If I create a group list of Server A users that I want Server B users to share ON server B, the server A users all show up in the rosters of Server B, subscription set to ‘to’ (which is unchangable)**. In the Spark client of server B users, the Server A group shows up, but they are unable to start a chat, or see any status update other than ‘offline’.

Just as a test, I set up Pidgin with a server B user, and saw that the Server A list folks had a ‘403 Forbidden’ message under the username, EXCEPT for the Server A users that I added manually, and set the subscriptions to ‘both’ in the individual user’s rosters. In this case status and chat works just fine between the two servers.

SO - my endgame here is to keep a list of Server A users in a group on Server B for Server B users to have access to, and vice versa.

What further information can I provide to help solve this, or is this scenario not do-able?

** If I look in a Server B user’s roster, and try to manually change the subscription on a user that was added from the shared group list from server A, I get this error:

org.jivesoftware.openfire.SharedGroupException: Cannot remove item from shared group

and about a half a page more; I’ll be glad to post it if it is neccessary.