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Why can't we access file uploaded using HttpFileUpload?

I want to know location of file stored to server using HttpFileUpload, and also on restarting server uploaded file get deleted.

Can I specify my storage location while using HttpFileUpload?

What is your OS? I’m not sure where exactly it stores files on Linux. In some tmp folder. It also depends on the context it is running in. On Windows when it runs with System user it is stored in system’s temp folder. When it runs with a user it is stored in this user’s temp folder, i think in Local AppData.

Specifying your storage path is not possible in the current version. Files getting deleted on server shutdown is by design as per plugin’s readme.

Thank you for reply, I guess then I have to use different approach to store and share file. One more question how to share file in group chat ? from documentation I come to know that only text message is allowed but I wanted to show its blur thumbnail, any idea?

There is no difference where to share a file. Plugin generates a link and it is up to a client how to represent it. Some clients show thumbnails, some just show a link.

got it. thanks