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Why do we need an XMPP Gateway


Maybe I missed the boat here, but why do we need a XMMP Gateway at all. I was under the impression, that we can talk to other jabberish-servers like gTalk with standard S2S??

Can somebody shine some light towards me?



Not everyone wants S2S enabled on their servers. Things like private servers for corporations or whatever. Or in my case I have 8 million jabber accounts. lol If I had the ability to combine them into one I might actually be able to use Spark. That said, it’‘s been a repeatedly requested feature and theoretically was really fun and easy to set up. ;D (just hasn’'t been as easy as it ought to have been) Of course, if you are running the version that has those gateways in them… remove it and install the one off of the plugins page. There was a busted download there for a while. (sigh)

Besides that a lot of people have existing account that they’'d like to integrate into one roster.

Thanks for the responses.

So if I understood correctly, with these plugins I can combine not only my ICQ roster into my Spark but also some different jabber-type accounts.

Now THIS makes sense, thanks!