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Why does Openfire auto close the connection?

I tried to change the setting in admin console, but i seems not take effect.

When the user login but do not do anything, the connection will be close by openfire, anybody can tell me why?

If I understand your question, you want to know why, if you log in to the admin console, but do nothing and it sits idle for a few minutes, when you try to apply a change, you’re logged out automatically. This is a security feature designed for cases when an admin logs into the console, then walks away from the computer, someone can’t just walk up and start making changes, breaking stuff, etc.

I am sorry that I discribed my question not clearly.

My problem is: though I set “donot close idle connection” in admin console, the login users(not admin) will be kicked by openfire after several minitues.

Odd, any log message clues?

I add a timer and invoke sendKeepAlive() every 300s, this method can make user keep online.