Why does trying to set affiliation for user in chatroom result in modify bad-request error?

Hi there,

I’m currently sending the stanza below to Openfire 4.0.1 :

<iq type=‘set’

_ to=‘fb1981bc-f980-4ac5-aebf-f7955c40f6a8@conference...net’>_

<item affiliation=‘owner’

_ jid=‘bruce@..net’/>_

This is being sent connected as user who is owner of the room.

The response is:

<iq xmlns=‘jabber:client’

  • type=‘error’*

_ from=‘fb1981bc-f980-4ac5-aebf-f7955c40f6a8@conference...net’_

_ to=‘bruce@..net/3zc5r6z2uf’>_

<item affiliation=‘owner’

_ jid=‘bruce@..net’/>_

<error code='400’

*** type=‘modify’>***

I’ve tried name space of muc#owner as well in case I had that wrong but everything I’ve checked suggests the stanza is correctly formed.

I’m able to set affiliations without problem for pubsub nodes but just always get this error for trying it with a chatroom.

As far as I can see I’ve followed the format in XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat’s grand owner example to the letter.

If anyone can give me any insight as to what the issue is I’d appreciate it.



Guess I’m either doing something incredibly dumb or no one else has experienced this issue…

Not sure if Openfire returns bad-request, but it returns an error, if the admin is not in the chatroom. It’s a bug.

Or you are no owner and try to change the affiliation, but in this case I would have expected “not-allowed”.