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Why not to join all the XIFF files into a .MXP?

I know it’'s a dummy question…

but as I remember, the XIFF 200B1 from voisen was “compiled” into a .MXP which was clearly simpler to install…

Trying to do the same, I saw that all the files were there… and more than the old voisen one (the CustomActions, very useful for those who are beginning with XIFF and don’'t know where are the functions, properties… and waste time searching the documentations just for a property name)

Why not to make one?

I think most new XIFF users aren’‘t aware of what’‘s the use of CustomActions and where to put the file… Making it automatic would be helpful for newbies… even if it’'s only yet another beta version!

I’’ ve got the same problem.

Anyone can help with this?

We are investingating a way to automatically create the .MXP during the build process. However, I haven’'t been able to find anything. If you have any tips, it would be appreciated.

Excuse this dummy question, but what do you call the “build process”?

I made some .MXP and the only thing needed is the .MXI, the others are already in the archive. I admit the .MXI is sth that is not very friendly, but I don’'t think this should be so hard…

You could have used the one of sean voisen if the documentation files hadn’'t seen their name changed!

Anyway, It could be made with a .MXI maker… or by hand…

I can try to work on a .MXI maker but I need to be sure of the directories hierarchy you use to code the XIFF (if same as the XIFF 200B3 tell me… to be sure it will be correct…)

You could also tell me which language is best (I think JAVA is good for that simple and dummy work). Maybe this kind of tool exists… somewhere… but if it was that easy, you would have made it for a while

If I’‘m wrong and don’'t see the good problem, please tell me!

Well there are maybe some of us that mxp won’‘t help a thing since XIFF is not only for flash but also for Flex and flex don’'t use mxp…

wait, can’'t you compile the framework into a swc?

OK, an alternative:

Could we make our own MXP to work, and share it on the xiffian project page (with, naturally, a link pointing here, as a “mirror”). I think it will be easier, and the only thing you have to do is… accept. That way, the Flex using ppl won’‘t have to see the thing they don’'t want to see… Because it will on an other server.

I make the MXP, and make it available. That’‘s all. For updates, I’‘ll try to make is regularly, depending on the updates you’'ll make.

It’‘s just to make it easier, and as there is no automated process, let’‘s do it manually… I’'m fed up with copying all directories by hand, and would like to double click it!