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Why openfire-4.3.2 source has no eclipse?

like the titile.I need some help please.

Our source code has no IDE-specific metadata at all. These files are often causing more trouble then they’re worth: someone is always using a different IDE, a different version of the IDE, or wants to use settings that are different from the ones that would be part of the store. These are all reasons why we do not put IDE files in our source code.

Openfire is a Maven-based project. Any IDE should easily allow you to create a project based on that.

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Oh sorry,I’m noob. And is there a file guide me how to add it to my project?I need it to complete my graduation project.

There is no detailed guide as usually this is a straightforward process. There are some points mentioned in the readme https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/master/README.md
The easiest way is to make a fork on GitHub and clone it to your IDE, then IDE should understood this is a Maven project and import it. I haven’t used Eclipse in a while, but it should work. IntelliJ does it automatically.

If you’re working on a graduation project, I think you should be able to figure this one out yourself, don’t you? :slight_smile:

I agree with that.Whether the use of methods or secondary development,I am trying to know about it…Would you mind give me some advice for me?

I do not know what you mean.

I mean could you send me some advice about IM for reference.Sorry,my english is no well.So I’m learning english again now.

You need to be more specific.