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Why the openfire console has garbled ?The local language is chinese simplified

Hi !

Why the openfire console has garbled ? The local language is chinese simplified.

My guess is it’s i18n implementation limiation in converting text… either that or a UTF-8 encoding problem. I’m not an Openfire contributor so i’m not sure how Openfire handles internationalization of menu’s etc… but that’s my guess.

Thanks reply!

If you have some coding abilities, I’m sure the Openfire team would love to have you help fix the language in the menus for your local language. It would help make Openfire a little more accessible to teams and people in the international community.

Thanks, Jason and karkar

This is the source code, I hope it can help you understand why garbled

InputStream in = openfired.getInputStream();

int c;

((c = in.read()) != -1) {

try {

StyleConstants.setFontFamily(styles, “courier new”);


“” + (char)c, styles);


catch (BadLocationException e) {

// Ignore.