Why the openfire rpm package is only offered i386 (32 bit)?

Is there any 64 bit rpm package available for centos ?

can I just install the tar file even in 64 bit operating system? What are the prerequisites ? They are not mentioned any where in documentation section

The 32 vs 64 bit portion of the RPM only applies to the bundled JRE provided with the RPM. You can install the 32bit RPM on 64bit system and then run with a system provided JRE (edit /etc/sysconfig/openfire).

This situation will be changing with Openfire 4.1 release, see https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1111

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It is more likely to use the tar file instead of rpm, for installation not in Debian derivatives.

which installs 32 bit JRE and open fire can run perfectly on 64 bit JRE with out any issues.

@Daryl Herzmann

Can you give me the documentation links which needs to be followed for installing open fire from tar file , I could not find any apart from this two statements in this Openfire: Installation Guide

If using the .tar.gz, extract the archive to

/opt or


tar -xzvf openfire_X_Y_Z.tar.gz

mv openfire /opt