Why wildfire-service could not be started automatic?

I installed wildfire 3.0 on a win2003.

In order to start the services automatically, I add the " wildfire-service.exe /start" in the autoexec.bat.

It’'s OK.

But, now I update wildfire to ver 3.10 on the same directory,

It did not start services automatically.

I run “wildfire-srvice /start” on console, it showed “Could not start service.” The serviece did not start.

But if run “wildfire.exe /start” or “wildfired.exe /start” , it OK. The service started.

When i add the “wildfire /start” into autoexec.bat, it did not start servcie automatically after the windows boot.

I think there is some question about the wildfire.

Any suggestion is appreciated!


“wildfire.exe” or “wildfire” if you skip the extension start Wildfire in foreground, so it’'s running until you logout, even if you add an option “/start”.

You should always use wildfire-service.exe if you want to run it as a service. Maybe you need to uninstall the service and install it again before you can use it again.