Why won''t the plugin page show up?

I’‘m writing another plugin for work. I have it working. All it does is log the chat rooms into an html file with a nice directory structure. The problem is I can’‘t get the jsp page to show up in the admin console. It’‘s suppose to be under Server tab, under Server Settings in the sidebar. I’‘m putting it there for test purposes, but I can’‘t get it to show up. If you can download the plugin and see what’'s wrong with it.

Download it here: http://maxupload.com/49D9720F


Jigar Suthar

Got it working. I changed the system time to a month ahead to see if it would create folder for February (this caused the problem in the first place, otherwise I wouldn’‘t have had this problem). I complied the plugins while the date was 1 month ahead then I changed it back so the plugins weren’‘t being updated. So I deleted the jar files from the plugins directory. But it still didn’‘t work. So I didn’‘t so many other things that I don’'t remember which one of them fixed it, but I can now see it listed in the admin console.