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Wierd issue using photos in AD for avatars

I thought I’d try adding our employee pictures into AD and having openfire use them as people’s avatars. We’re using Win 2000 for AD and I’m using dameware to load the pictures into AD (200 pixels across). In openfire, I added the following to the end of my vcard info in openfire.xml





So yesterday, I added my photo and it worked fine, I then added a coworker (we’ll call Matt) and it seemed to work as well. However, when I came in the next day I had a few users tell me Matt’s picture was showing up for other people in their roster when they hover the mouse over a contact. Sure enough, when you hover the mouse over another contact; Matt’s picture pops up as their avatar even though there should be nothing there. It doesn’t seem to happen for every contact in the list though and I haven’t noticed any pattern. However, if you actually view a profile it correctly shows there is no avatar for the person.

So I decided to add photos for an entire department and see if Matt’s photo disappeared and their photos replaced it. I went back to a users computer and some of the department personnel photos I loaded are showing up correctly, some still show Matt’s photo, and some are showing no photo (even though they should have a photo now). At first I thought it might be because I was using Spark 2.5.8 and our users are still on 2.5.1 However, I updated this users version to 2.5.8 and he’s still experiencing the problem. The weird thing is, that my PC is showing everyone correctly and always has along with Matt’s PC; other users seem to have the problem though. I’ve cleared the cache on the server, and restarted it. I also checked to make sure that Matt and I and the other user were all running the same Java version (1.6u3) and the only other major difference is that Matt and I run Vista on our PC’s; everyone else uses XP SP2. I find it hard to believe though that this would have anything to do with it.

I thought about just adding everyone’s photo in and seeing if the problem disappears but thought I’d see if anyone else has had this problem first or has an idea what it might be. I also tried deleting Matt’s photo from AD and even though his photo is gone it’s still showing up under other users when the mouse hovers over them!