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Wildfire 2.4.3 and plugins


The spark managed ,asterisk and user import export no working in my wildfire server 2.4.3 , my OS is Suse 10

sorry my english

Hola igoriyah,

Are you using the latest version of those plugins? All plugins should be updated after migrating from Jive Messenger to Wildfire. BTW, it should also be of help if you post any error you may find in the log files.


– Gato

i have moved to 2.4.3 version (from 2.2.2) today and have downloaded and installed userImportExport plugin. Have tried it and it works fine.

installed wildfire 2.4.3 on Centos and suse from cero and i hava the same trouble with asterisk plugins

2006.01.26 18:01:09 Plugin /opt/wildfire/plugins/asterisk-im could not be loaded: no plugin.xml file found

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